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Oxygen Absorbers 150ml 300 Pack

  • Price : $30.68
  • Ex GST: $26.68
  • 5 or more $29.15
  • 10 or more $27.61

This is a 300 pack of
150ml Oxygen Absorbers in a vacuum sealed pack 

These Oxygen removing sachets are primarily used for food manufacturing, production, preparation and food storage

They are also commonly used in Pharmaceutical production where very low oxygen levels are required

They are assembled in food-grade packaging, and each sachet controls 150 milliliters of free space

The formula for determining the size of the Oxygen Absorber required is:

Container / Bag Volume minus Food / Contents Volume = Residual Air Volume

Residual Air Volume x 0.21 (because air is 21% oxygen) = Oxygen Absorber Size required

For applications that require Oxygen control this is the product you need