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Top 50 Uses

See below for the 50 most common examples of where and how Silica Gel products are used. Take a look through the different industries to get ideas of how you can use Silica Gel to "Keep stuff dry".

Storage and Packaging

14) Use Silica Gel to preserve your belongings in short or long term storage, whether that be in specialist storage facilities or household storage containers.

15) Used extensively in cargo holds and shipping containers for industry, business and household goods.

16) All goods in transit should be packaged with Silica Gel to protect against moisture damage of the products and their packaging materials. Condensation is an everyday occurrence with air or sea freight where goods travel through variable temperature and humidity cycles. Courier services compound moisture challenges as they introduce new, moist air into their vehicles with each delivery stop.

17) Frequently used in safes and vaults.

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Sporting and Outdoor

27) Use Silica Gel with any sports bag where moisture can be trapped. Common examples are swim bags, gym bags, footy boot bags, scuba, dive and wetsuit gear, golf bags, cricket bags, ski, snowboard, wakeboard and surfboard bags.

28) Ideal for use in motor homes, boats, caravans, awnings and tents to eliminate condensation. Use in closets, cupboards and cargo holds on motor homes and boats or hang them up in caravans, awnings and tents.

29) Protect your camping and tramping gear and equipment including clothing, footwear, back packs and climbing equipment.

30) Popular with fishermen to avoid rust in their tackle boxes.

31) Commonly used by hunters to preserve their guns in gun cases and ammo in ammunition boxes.

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Arts, Crafts and Musical

32) Ensure your collectibles remain in tip top condition, prevent deterioration of stamps, coins, comics, autograph books, publications, scrapbooks and paper money.

33) Provide a protective shield of dry air for your musical instruments including guitars, pianos, keyboards, saxophones, trumpets, clarinets and bagpipes. The band U2 used our products to pack in with their guitars when touring.

34) The universal method of flower drying is to use Silica Gel as it preserves the flowers and retains the original colours. Use with flowers, corsages, bouquets and wreaths.

35) Silica Gel is commonly used to safeguard various packaged art works and is used to avoid condensation in art and display cases, inside picture frames and preserves wooden and brass ornaments and antiques.

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Industrial and Automotive

18) Prevents the deterioration of metals, steels and irons.

19) Widely used with machine parts, industrial equipment and military instruments.

20) Manufacturing, Power and Security companies use Silica Gel with transformers, gear boxes, transmission systems and within electrical enclosures.

21) Eliminates condensation within CCTV systems, external surveillance and control panel enclosures.

22) Adsorbs water vapour in gases and is commonly used in liquid and gas chromatography for separation and purification, similarly used with dehydrators, filtration systems and with hygroscopic liquids 

23) Protects engines while in storage. Using Silica Gel inside carburetors and within internal engine parts prevents bearings and engine parts from rusting.

24) Use in your car to fight condensation and foggy windshields.

25) Commonly used by glaziers and placed in between double glazing windows to prevent condensation and moisture build up.

26) A must have for preserving vehicles and boats in storage including classic cars, bicycles and motorbikes.

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Household and Personal Items

1) Silica Gel protects expensive leather items like jackets, shoes, and boots.

2) Avoids musty smelling books and preserves your archived documents.

3) Use in a variety of personal bags to soak up small spills and maintain freshness. Commonly used in make-up bags, travel bags, suitcases, school bags, hand bags, purses, sports bags and work briefcases.

4) Put Silica Gel in your toolbox to protect all kinds of precious tools and fastenings from rust and oxidation.

5) Commonly used in jewellery boxes to prevent tarnish to gold and silver.

6) Use in linen cupboards to protect your unused bed linen, duvets and fabrics. Bed bases and mattresses in storage should also be enclosed in 150mu plastic bags with Silica Gel sachets placed inside the bags.

7) Prevent musty shoes and clothes odours by placing sachets inside shoes and using throughout your wardrobes.

8) Prevent tarnishing silverware and cutlery and use in sewing kits to preserve your pins and needles.

9) Very popular as cat litter.

10) Use Silica Gel in your boxes of stored Christmas ornaments and decorations to keep them looking new, year after year.

11) Prolong the life of your razor blades.

12) Avoid clumping of laundry and dishwasher powder.

13) Protection of your everyday household items in boxes, bags and storage containers around the garage, garden shed, office, under the stairs, kitchen, wardrobes, junk drawers, laundry, linen and bathroom cupboards.

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41) Silica Gel is commonplace in pharmaceutical pill bottles and vitamin containers.

42) Averts moisture in powered and encapsulated diet and sports supplements.

43) Put in hearing aid storage containers to protect those valuable hearing aids.

44) Used in the medical and dental industries to protect instruments and scientific samples.

45) Place a pack in your prescription glasses and sunglasses case to prevent tarnish.

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46) Ensure your seeds, herbs, grains, spices and foodstuffs remain dry and fresh.

47) Use Oxygen Absorbers and / or Silica Gel to eliminate oxygen in dried meats and jerky, dry fruits and vegetables and maintain freshness for long term food packaging.

48) Avoid clumping of food products and powders such as salt, sugar, onion, garlic, baking soda, flour, coffee and icing sugar.

49) Preserving shallots, garlic, tobacco, drying beans in a jar, drying mushrooms and slowing the sprouting process of onions, potatoes and other sprouting vegetables.

50) Use Oxygen Absorbers and / or Silica Gel with dog biscuits and bulk pet foods to avoid deterioration.

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Electronics and Photography

36) Protect your precious photos and photo albums.

37) Put some Silica Gel in your camera bag to protect your valuable cameras, lenses, photographic, film and video equipment. Also use with dive cameras to control fogging.

38) Prevent moisture damage to business and personal electronics including laptops, tablets, Memory cards, GPS's, printers and batteries. Silica Gel can also save your cell phone after water damage – ask us how.

39) Avoid condensation on computer circuit boards, hard disc drives, DVDs and computer media storage, audio visual equipment, gaming consoles and remote controls.

40) Using Silica Gel Products will protect expensive production film, audio, video, lighting, and effects equipment whilst not in use.

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