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  • Cell Phone Recovery Drying Kit

Cell Phone Recovery Drying Kit

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This is a Cell Phone Recovery Drying Kit in a resealable bag

Kit contains Indicating Silica Gel to dry out your electronic device

Do not power up your device after water damage. Simply wipe excess moisture off your device, open the top of the bag, place your device in the bag and and zip-seal the bag shut. Then just leave your device in the bag for about 72 hours to dry out

The bag and it's highly absorbent Silica Gel beads will draw the moisture out of the electronic device. Full instructions are listed on the back of the bag

Please note: This process generally works very well but we do not guarantee a successful recovery of all moisture damaged devices as trace electrical currents, attempts to turn the device on, or salt water, may have already caused damage

Environmental note: Our Silica Gel products are non-toxic and do not contain any harmful substances such as Cobalt Chloride or Calcium Chloride

Our Indicating Silica Gel products change colour from Orange to Green to indicate their moisture saturation levels. The sachets are a clear
permeable plastic so you can easily see the colour status. The Silica Gel beads start to change colour at 60% moisture adsorption

The Part Indicating Silica Gel products are a mix of Orange and White beads. The Orange beads change colour and the White beads do not

When either of these Indicating products turn Green and reach saturation point they cease to be effective as they cannot adsorb any more
moisture. At this point the Silica Gel requires reactivating or replacing

Silica Gel adsorbs moisture to create a protective environment of dry air. Using Silica Gel or Desiccant products prevents moisture damage such
as rust, mould, corrosion, oxidation, tarnish, musty odours, mildew, fungus, spoilage, spotting and stains

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