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  • Silica Gel 50 Gram 20 Pack

Silica Gel 50 Gram 20 Pack

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  • Ex GST: $41.62
  • 5 or more $45.47
  • 10 or more $43.08

This is a 20 pack of 50 gram Non-Indicating White Silica Gel sachets

Typical Uses
Storage Facilities, Linen Cupboards, Motor Homes and Boats, Ornaments and Antiques, Shoes and Musty Odours,
Books and Archived Documents, Household Storage, Leather Items, Packaging and Freight, Collectibles, CCTV enclosures, Sports Bags, Gym Bags and Luggage, Vehicles, Tool Boxes, Safes and Vaults, Diving, Cameras and Photography, Art Works and Models, Wardrobes, Computers and Electronics, Tackle Boxes, Silverware and Cutlery, Musical Instruments, Photo Albums, Film Production and Audio Visual equipment

Protection Area

50 litres or .05 cubic metres

Alternative Quantities

Also available in packs of 40 or 70

Packaging Type

Non-Woven Composite

Sachet Dimensions

100 mm x 75 mm

Pack Weight 

1 Kg

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Environmental note: Our Silica Gel products are non-toxic and do not contain any harmful substances such as Cobalt Chloride or Calcium Chloride

Silica Gel adsorbs moisture to create a protective environment of dry air. Using Silica Gel or Desiccant products prevents moisture damage such
as rust, mould, corrosion, oxidation, tarnish, musty odours, mildew, fungus, spoilage, spotting and stains

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